Air Force PT Test Standards

Official Information on the 2023 Air Force PT Test

Air Force Fitness Standards – Females Under 30

Air Force PT Test Standards for Female Airmen under 30 years old:


The below female fitness standards are in accordance with AFI 36-2905 dated 21 October 2013. All information was verified correct as of November 2018.

Bottom Line Up Front:

The female fitness standards are below. A female under 30 years old needs to do a minimum of 18 pushups in a minute, 38 situps in a minute, and a 1.5 mile run under 16:22 in order to score for the test. She must complete 47 pushups in a minute, 54 situps in a minute, and do a 10:23 1 1/2 mile run in order to achieve the maximum points on the test.

Fitness Assessment Chart - Female AGE less than 30