Air Force PT Test Standards

Official Information on the 2023 Air Force PT Test

Pregnancy Related Fitness Assessment Exemptions

BLUF: Pregnant service members are exempt from the FA during pregnancy and for 12 months from discharge

Reference: AFI 36-2905 page 40-41 contains the below information on Air Force Pregnancy related exemptions. This information was updated October 2013 and verified current as of December 2018.

-5.2.4. Pregnancy related Fitness Exemption Provider will include information on physical activity during prenatal counseling. Airmen will be Exempt from the FA during pregnancy. Effective 1 Jan 2015, Airmen with pregnancies lasting 20 weeks or more are also exempt from FA for 12 months after discharge from the hospital upon completion of pregnancy (delivery, miscarriage, etc.). The Airman must test by the last day of the 12th month. On the 1st day of the 13th month after the discharge from the hospital of pregnancies lasting 20 weeks or more the Airman becomes non-current. Pregnancy-related exemptions apply to the FA and do not Exempt the Airman from participating in an approved physical fitness program. AF Form 469 will be re-accomplished by the provider (or ANG Wing Medical Group) IAW AFI 10-203 in cases where pregnancy ends prior to 20 weeks. Providers will take into account physiological and psychological changes when determining days required for recovery and reconditioning prior to FA eligibility. MLO will issue corresponding AF Form 422 for the duration of the AF Form 469. Expiration date on the AF Form 469 will be determined by the provider and represents the date the Airman is medically cleared to begin an unrestricted physical training program. Pregnant ARC Airmen should discuss their fitness program with their PCP.