Air Force PT Test Standards

Official Information on the 2023 Air Force PT Test

Extreme Weather Waver

BLUF: In the event of extreme weather the installation CC may request a waver from the MAJCOM/CV or equivalent to adjust the scheduling of the 1.5 mile run or 2.0 km walk if an appropriate indoor facility is not available. Extreme weather can be defined as:

  • Snow on the running surface
  • Ice on the running surface
  • Standing water that can not be avoided
  • Lightning within 6miles
  • Rain or Hail
  • Visibility less than 3/4 mile
  • Air temp below 20 degrees
  • Wind above 15mph or gusting to 20mph

Reference: Chapter 4 and Attachment 6 of the AFI36-2905 discuss extreme weather processes. The instruction was updated October 2013 and verified current as of December 2018

Installations with Extreme Weather Conditions and-or Higher Altitudes