Air Force PT Test Standards

Official Information on the 2023 Air Force PT Test

What happens if an Airman becomes Injured During the Fitness Test?

If an Airman becomes injured or ill during the FA, he/she will have the option of being evaluated at the Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) whether they complete the FA or not. Before departing the test location, Airmen must notify the FAC of the presence of illness/injury by checking the illness/injury block on the AF Form 4446.   NOTE: ARC Airmen must promptly report any medical condition (i.e. disease, injury, operative procedure or hospitalization, etc) that might impact their utilization and readiness to his or her commander, supervisor, or supporting military medical facility personnel. Each commander and supervisor must notify the servicing medical facility when he/she becomes aware of any changes in an ARC member’s medical status including any medical condition that occurred during the FA and/or prevented the member from completing the FA.


Any concealment or claim of disability proven to be made with the intent to defraud the government may result in appropriate punitive action under the Uniform Code of Military Justice or appropriate administrative action.