Air Force PT Test Standards

Official Information on the 2023 Air Force PT Test

How much time does an Airman have to complete the FA?

BLUF: As per the AFI 36-2905 an Airman has no more than 3 hours to complete all three phases of the Fitness Assessment. This information was upadated Oct 2013 and verified current as of Jan 2019.

All components of the Air Force Fitness Assessment must be completed within a 3-hour window on the same day. If FAC staff/augmentees determine extenuating circumstances prevent completion of the test (e.g., rapidly changing or severe weather conditions, emergencies, injury during FA, or travel time needed to complete other components at alternate locations, etc…) then all FA components must be rescheduled and completed at the earliest opportunity but it must be complete within 5 duty days. ARC members must be in military duty status for assessments. ARC Airmen will be required to retest the next date they are in appropriate military duty status and official FAs are being conducted.