Air Force PT Test Standards

Official Information on the 2023 Air Force PT Test

Air Force Boot Camp Graduation Standards (2019)

BLUF: Below are the Air Force Boot Camp Graduation standards. At the completion of Boot Camp every Air Force Recruit is required to take a physical fitness test prior to graduation. The minimum standards for females and males are below.

Reference: The AirForce Basic Military Training (boot camp) graduation standards were taken from both the official 14 Week Basic military training guide, and the boot camp website and verified current December 2018.

MalesRun (1.5 miles)Push-upsSit-upsPull-ups
Liberator (minimum graduation standard)11:57 min.45500
Thunderbolt (honor graduate standard)9:30 min.55605
Warhawk (extraordinary – highest standard)8:55 min.657010


Run (1.5 miles)



Liberator (minimum graduation standard)14:21 min.27500
Thunderbolt (honor graduate standard)12:00 min.32552
Warhawk (extraordinary –highest standard)10:55 min.40755