Air Force PT Test Standards

Official Information on the 2023 Air Force PT Test

Air Force Academy Candidate Fitness Assessment

BLUF: Air Force Academy candidates are required to take a fitness test consisting of the following six items:

  1. Basketball Throw
  2. Pullup and or flexed arm hang
  3. Shuttle run
  4. Crunches / Modified Situps
  5. Pushups
  6. One mile run

Reference:  The below material for the Air Force CFA was taken from the Fitness Assessment page of the AF Admissions website, and was verified current as of December 2018.

Basketball Throw102′69′66′42′
Pull-Ups (men/women)181272
Flexed Arm Hang (women) NANA 63 sec 31 sec
Shuttle Run7.8 sec8.1 sec8.6 sec9.4 sec
Modified Sit-Ups (crunches)95819578
One Mile Run5:206:296:007:30

Academy CFT Administration Process

Your CFA examination may be administered by any physical education teacher, Service Academy Liaison Officer or JROTC Instructor. Any active duty commissioned officer may administer the CFA for service members. It is your responsibility to arrange for a qualified person to conduct your examination. Once you are ready to take the test give your examiner the CFA Score Sheet you printed from your online status page and ask them to record your performance on the CFA Score Sheet. The examiner returns the Score Sheet to you for entry into the online CFA form

Air Force Academy Candidate Fitness Assessment Instructions – for candidates and examiners