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Official Information on the 2023 Air Force PT Test

Air Force Coach — John Laney

John Laney – Dad and owner of

Hi, I’m John Laney. The owner of this website, a military officer, fitness enthusiast and father of two great little knuckle heads.

I started this website a few years back since I was frustrated with old, outdated and frankly wrong information on various Air Force Fitness sites. I wanted to create a place where the information and the references behind that information were current and readily available. Over the last few years, this site grew from only a few visitors per week to nearly 100,000 per month.

With such an influx of visitors, I have naturally become the subject matter expert for all things related to Air Force Fitness. In addition, I ’ve realized there is a need for Airmen to both lose weight and effectively train for their fitness test.

If you would like to reach out to me for private one on one coaching I can be found at:, Facebook or