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Life in the Air Force can be tough; constant moves, TAD and a very rapidly changing schedule can make it extremely difficult to find a high-quality trainer and stick with a fitness plan. With those difficulties in mind, I’ve created a network of 10 online fitness coaches who can help you train regardless of your location or travel schedule.

John – Owner of

John is a Military Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer, real estate investor and serial entrepreneur. He is the owner a number of military fitness related websites and formerly a military fitness coach. As a serial entrepreneur John is always looking for ways to expand his business with a specific focus on the military community; if you are interested in partnering please reach out to John below.

Read more about John Here

Coach Rowena ‘RO’ Dziubla – Owner of WODeration

No time for a gym schedule? I offer one-on-one virtual coaching to help reach your health and fitness goals – on your schedule.  As a coaching professional, I make sure our time together is tailored to your needs and delivers content to produce results.  12-week sessions, additional coaching available.  Book a free discovery call today.

I would love to help you today achieve your fitness goals. You can read about my coaching services here.

Brandon Starcher – Featured coach

Brandon Starcher – Air Force Fitness Coach

My name is Brandon Starcher, originally from Cleveand, OH. I’ve been active in sports my whole life; primarily baseball but I also spent a few seasons wrestling, football, golf, and a many recreational sports Since joining the Navy in 2011, I have been an ACFL dating back to 2013 when I was stationed in Hawaii. I began my fitness journey, outside of sports, at 16 when my Uncle introduced me to lifting weights. I did the typical chest day, back day, leg day routine for a while but grew bored and stagnate in progress. In 2015 I was introduced to crossfit and olympic weightlifting; since then I have transitioned from part-time CF/part-time WL athlete to a full time WL and USAW (United States Weightlifting Association) certified coach!

I’m always researching and trying to educate my self in all aspects of health and fitness, with the intention of passing that knowledge onto my shipmates and clients. My goal is to help others reach their goals. Reach out to me today and we can start working together tomorrow. You can read more about Brandon Here.

David Arcemant – Co-owner of the Houston Athletic Club

David Arcemant is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA and also holds a Bachelor of Science in Fitness and Human Performance from UH-Clear Lake. Behind his knowledge in coaching and academics in fitness is about a decade of experience in training people achieve their maximum potentials through quantified training approaches. David enjoys the process of training others and loves watching others grow through their fitness goals.

Read more about David Here

Here is Ediths Bio, link to her here

If you are an online coach and willing to coach Military service men and women please contact me below. Please include the following:

  1. Two high-quality pictures, one closeup face shot and one action shot of you working out.
  2. A short 3-5 sentence bio of you which I will add to the main coaches network page.
  3. A longer 3-5 paragraph description of your services and training philosophy. This can be as long as you want as this will be posted on your own page.
  4. The best way for someone to contact you (facebook, your website, e-mail, ect…)