Air Force PT Test Standards

Official Information on the 2023 Air Force PT Test

Predicting Altitude Performance at the Air Force Academy

BLUF: In order to predict your run time due to the high elevation at the Air Force Academy simply add 0:48 seconds to your run time

Due to the Academy’s high elevation — 7,250 feet above sea level — your endurance will be diminished. Incoming cadets often discover that they cannot run as fast or as far as they did before they arrived. Adjustment to conditions at the Academy is much easier if you have achieved an extremely high level of physical fitness (especially cardiovascular fitness) before you arrive.

The Academy’s primary measure of aerobic fitness is the 1.5 mile run. Current cadets run 1.5 miles in 10:18 on average. No matter where you train, you can use the 1.5 mile run to predict how altitudes at the Academy will impact you, and how your fitness is likely to compare with other cadets.


First determine your current average 1.5 mile run time. Add 48 seconds to your average to adjust for altitude. Then, compare your altitude-adjusted average to the cadet average. Remember that improvements made to your run time at your current elevation will also improve your altitude-adjusted performance. Just keep the altitude in mind, and train hard.

Cadet AverageYour Altitude-Adjusted Average
10:18 secondsYour Current Average Run Time + 00:48 seconds