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Air Force Physical Fitness Test Standards
UPDATED: Air Force Standards for the 2018 Physical Fitness Requirements and PT Test

Note: was designed to help military airmen who already have a fitness background to excel even further on their pushups, situps, and 1.5 mile run. If this is your first time exercising consult your doctor before starting any exercise or fitness program.

The last revisions to the Air Force fitness program took effect Oct. 21, 2013. Changes include additions to the body composition component of the fitness assessment, delegation of appeal authority for fitness assessments and changes to the walk test.

The Air Force is continuing to strengthen and refine their physical fitness testing standards. Currently the Physical Fitness Test requires Airmen and Officers to run 1.5 miles, complete the maximum amount of push-ups and sit-ups in one minute and then have their abdominal circumference measured. This site displays those testing standards, and provides resources for improving both your overall physical fitness and Air Force physical fitness test.

Air Force Fitness Test Standards

Male Fitness Test Standards — Air Force Standards for Males under 25 to 55+

Female Fitness Test Standards — Air Force Standards for Females under 25 to 55+

Standards for Measuring Abdominal Circumference — Standards for the Abdominal

Fitness Score Chart — The official scoring chart for the Air Force PT test


Air Force Fitness Test Resources

Categories – The Scoring Standards for the three Fitness Test Categories.

FAQ – The Most Common Air Force PT Test Frequently Asked Questions

10 Steps – 10 Steps to excel on your next PT Test

Heart Rate — Recommended heart rate when exercising

Pushup Training Plan — Eight Week Training Plan fore the Air Force Pushup Test

Situp Training Plan — Eight Week Training Plan for the Air Force Situp Test

1.5 Mile run Training plan — Eight Week Training Plan for the 1.5 mile Run

USAF Fitness Chart — Download the USAF Fitness Chart.

AFFMS User Guide – The Current User Guide for the Air Force Fitness Management System

Contact the Air Force Fitness Team