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Navy PRT Cancelled

Will the Air Force PT be next?

In an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19 the Navy has decided to completely cancel the spring 2020 Fitness Assessment cycle. The choice was made in effort to align with the center for disease control’s advice to limit gatherings of large groups of people as well as to practice social distancing. While the Air Force has not published changes yet will keep you updated on any COVID-19 changes to the Air Force PT.

“This is a unique situation that calls for a unique response. We know the coronavirus is highly contagious, and unnecessarily increasing the risk of infection due to the close physical proximity required to complete the PFA is not in the best interest of our Sailors or our overall mission readiness” states Paul Rosen, acting director of the 21st Century Sailor Office, which oversees physical readiness policy for the Navy.

It seems impossible to follow the recommendations of the CDC and the Federal Government while conducting physical testing. Social distancing is the new normal and the Air Force is likely to follow the Navy and Cancel, or postpone their testing cycle as well.

Staying Fit in a Coronavirus Containment

There are plenty of ways for Air Force members to stay active and continue to prepare for physical testing even in containment.

Yoga is also a great way to keep moving and to stay calm during this stressful time. has two great posts on yoga positions to practice, one for strength training and one for mental strength. Yoga is great for the mind and body, it requires no equipment and can be done indoor or outdoor.

Now is a great time to work on your core strength . A strong core is an essential element for success on the Air Force PT and for an injury free life! Planking is an easy way to get some core exercises in, you can do it almost anywhere and it only takes a few minutes for a great work out!

Cardio is also easy to keep a part of your fitness routine, even with out a gym. Options that allow for social distancing are solo walks, hikes or bike rides. If you are in a city where you have been asked to shelter in place consider jump rope, jumping jacks or burpies. There are PLENTY of ways to get your heart rate up. Don’t allow this virus to derail your fitness progress. is committed to keeping our readers updated on all things Air Force PT and COVID-19. We love featuring online coaches who are offering solutions and ideas to manage this time! Comment below to leave us suggestions!

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