Air Force PT Test Standards

Official Information on the 2023 Air Force PT Test


2018 Air Force Fitness Test Screening Questionnaire

Fitness Reference:

The below 2018 Air Force Fitness test screening questionnaire. This screening questionnaire was taken from the AFPC website and was verified accurate of 28 November 2018

AF Screening Questionnaire BLUF

The below Air Force Screening Questionnaire is a two page document designed to ensure that Airmen physically ready to take the three events, pushups, situps and run, on the Air Force PT test and do not have any risk factors that could cause any injury on the test.

Airmen who have not been exercising regularly and/or have other risk factors for a heart attack (increasing age, smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.) are at increased risk of injury or death during the test. Answering these questions honestly is in your best interest.




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