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Recommended Air Force Fitness Podcasts

Air Force Fitness Podcasts

Perhaps you are looking for strategies and advice for your current workouts. Or, maybe you want to learn more before you jump into a fitness regimen. Either way, we think this list of podcasts will be helpful going ahead.

We selected individual podcasts that we like. This is not necessarily an endorsement for the entire library for that podcast; though if you do like the episode, we recommend investigating for yourselves & possibly subscribing to the podcast.

These podcasts may not focus on the air force or PT training specifically. Furthermore, these podcasts may not fully focus on fitness or the military in all of their podcasts, but all of these particular episodes do focus on military fitness.


“The Pillars” Episode 26: New Year, New You – Physical Pillar

This episode is a quick listen at only 14 minutes long, and they cover a wide variety of topics, from diet to workouts.

They mention within the podcast. Specifically, they point to a useful pdf for exercise training. I investigated the site and it took some time to find the referenced pdf. For your convenience, here is the link:


“The Runner’s World Show” Episode 66: Air Force Tested

This episode is a bit longer, at 56 minutes. Two runners take on the Air Force physical fitness test. The beginning is mostly the two runners fretting about what is coming during the car ride; if you want to skip ahead, you can jump to the 8 minute mark. As the episode was recorded in August of 2017, some of the standards may be different today.


“The Tactical Fitness Report” Episode 52 – Classic PT Testing Prep Week

While this is a youtube video, it is treated as a podcast and is available on other podcast sites. They trade small talk for a bit in the beginning, so feel free to jump ahead to the 2:29 mark, or click here:

In this podcast, they cover various training exercises for training for PT. They refer to something called the PT Pyramid, which is explained here: They also refer to supersets, explained here:


This page will continue to be updated with more podcasts.


Which did you enjoy the most? Which one do you think was the most helpful? Did you subscribe to any of these podcasts? Do you think that there is a podcast that should be included on this list? Let us know below!

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  • Thanks for sharing these podcasts. I am not into military training but I can probably get tips and some motivation from these podcasts. Hopefully I can start with my own exercise together with my military diet.


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