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Top 10 (+1) Air Force Cadences

Freedom is not Free

Some would say Freedom is free,
But I tend to disagree.
Some say war can be won,
Thru the bullet of a gun.
Once was blind now I see
1st Sgt. got me on my knees,
On that day in September
I will always remember,
Hold your head, hold it high
U.S. Airmen marching by.


A Solemn Vow

Through the desert, across the plains,
Steaming jungles, and tropic rains.
No mortal foe can stop me now —
This is gonna be my solemn vow.

I have honor, and I have pride —
Winning serves me as my guide.
This Air Force shocks our enemies,
Brings them crashing through the trees.

Basic Training is plenty rough —
To make it through you must be tough.
Squad Leader, don’t be blue,
They’ll make you an Airman, too.


Every Where We Go

Everywhere we go
people wanna know
who we are
so we tell them

we’re not the Navy
the deck swaving Navy

we’re not the Army
the ground poundin’ Army

We’re not the Marines
they dont even look mean

We are the air force
the high-flying Air Force
top notch Air Force


Double Time

Double time, double time up the hill,
Everybody’s gonna get a 2-mile thrill.

Double time, double time, everyone will,
Everybody’s gonna get their fill.

Double time, double time, 2-miles long,
It’s impossible to go wrong.

Double time, double time, to this song,
Everybody’s gonna make it strong.

Double time, double time, going strong,
We didn’t know we could run so long.

Double time, double time, all the way,
We can run like this everyday.

I love double time, you love it too,
We can run the whole day through.

Double time, double time, having fun,
We can’t wait for the 5-mile run.

Double time, double time, Air Force way
Makin’ every enemy we have pay.


All I do is Double Time

Up in the morning at the break of day
Working so hard we never play
Running through the jungle where the sun don’t shine
All I do is double time

Up in the morning and out of the rack
Grab my clothes and put them on my back
Running cross the desert in the shifting sand
Drill Sergeant, look, I’ll give you a helping hand
Up in the morning with a whistle and a yell
I know that voice and I know it well

Drill Sergeant says you better hit the floor
And don’t be walking going out the door
I like women and I like wine
But all I do is double time

Double time here and double time there
Man this life, it’s the best anywhere


Air Force Colors

Air Force colors
the color is green
show the world
the wars we’ve seen

Air Force Colors
the color is brown
show the world
we won’t back down

Air Force colors
the color is black
show the world
we’ll fight back

Air Force colors
the color is gold
show the world
that we are bold

Air Force colors
the color is red
show the world
the blood we’ve shed

Air Force colors
the color is white
show the world
all our might

Air Force colors
the color is blue
show the world
we are true

Air Force colors
the color is white
show the world
that we are right

Air Force colors
the color is gray
show the world
that you will pay

Air Force colors
the color is me
show the world
that we are Free

Air Force colors
the color is you
show the world
That they can too.

Air Force colors
red, white, and blue
show the world
we’ll die for you.


True Humility

Far above the rest,
Aviators are the best.
True and proven by test,
Aviators above the rest.
Pilots when given any test,
Always prove to be the best.
If you doubt what I say,
Ask a pilot any day.


A Girl Cadet

Oh, when a girl cadet walks down the street
She looks a hundred par from head to feet

She has a smile, a while, a winning way
And just to look at her, you’ll recognize her & you’ll say

Now there’s a girl I’d like to know
She has a cadence, spirit, pep and go

And just to look at her is quite a treat, it’s hard to beat
A girl from the Civil Air Patrol


Air Force Count Cadence

Caller: Count cadence, delayed cadence, Air Force Cadence COUNT!
Flight: U!
Caller: I can’t hear you
Flight: S!
Caller: A little bit louder now
Flight: Air!
Caller: Sound like BABIES!
Flight: Force!
Caller: A little bit prouder now
Everyone on left: U
(skip one left)
Everyone on left: S
(skip one left)
Everyone on left: Air
(skip one left)
Everyone on left: Force
(skip one left)
Everyone on left: United Stated Air Force
Everyone: We like it here,
We love it here,
We finally found a home!
Caller (on right): A What?
Flight (on left): A home!
Caller (on right): A What?
Flight (on left): A home away from home!


These Boots

These boots were made for walkin’
And that’s just what they’ll do
If all you’re doing is markin’ time
They’ll walk all over you

These guns were made for shootin’
And that’s just what they’ll do
And if we get a mission
We’ll drill a hole in you

This Air Force is trained for fightin’
And that’s just what we’ll do
If you pick a fight with us
We’ll walk all over you


Bonus: The Meanest Thing I Ever Saw

The meanest thing I ever saw
Came marchin’ down the Admin Hall

It must have weighed 500 hundred pounds
Knuckles dragging on the ground

I looked at him, he looked at me
Played it safe, I climbed a tree

And now I sit here in this tree
An MTI (CTA, FTO) has captured me


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