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Top Three Air Force PFT Calculators for 2018


Below are the top three calculators or APPS  for the Air Force PFT test. Unless otherwise noted all of these calculators are unofficial versions which take their information from the official AF webpage:

Please contact me if you have developed a PT test calculator or APP and would like it posted here. – This was the best online fitness calculator I could find. It is a simple one page design which allows the user to input run, walk, pushup and situp information along with body composition data to calculate your overall fitness score, body mass index and your composite rating. – Provides an excel based PT test calculator. The calculator does not appear to be current nore updated with the current Air Force Fitness data.

DyneraCorp AFPT Test App – This is a $1.99 android app which calculates min and max performance criteria. Two mile run and altitude adjustments are also fully supported with this app.

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  • My fav calculator is the official AF calc


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