10 Steps to Excel on your next PT Test

Top 10 Steps to Excel on your next AF Physical Fitness Test

Wear Good Running Shoes: Basket ball shoes, VANS, or the old set of New Balances’ you got eight
years ago at boot camp are poor choice. Not only are they going to add time to your run, but
prolonged use will also cause damage to your knees and back.

Get a Good Night Sleep: Just as a good night sleep will help your performance before an academic
test, it will help your performance while taking the physical PT test.

Take Responsibility for your Warm-up: The pre test warm-up routine your command does is probably
not enough. Do a light run, stretch and knock out 20-25 sit-ups and pushups before the test.

Bring a Towel or Pad: Doing sit-ups on the concrete or wet grass is miserable. Bringing a towel or
pad will keep you dry comfortable and ready to excel.

Bring Water: While your command SHOULD be bringing water for everyone, they may run out or
forget. Bring your own, as you’ll need it after the run.

Hit the Bathroom Before the Test: There is no need to explain this in detail; running or doing sit-ups
when you need to go is miserable.

Work with a Buddy: Having a buddy to encourage you will help push out more sit-ups, pushups and
have a faster run time.

Know the Standards: Knowing the minimum requirements may prevent you from failing by missing
one or two sit-ups. It will also keep you from over exerting yourself right before the run.

Take a pre-test: A few weeks prior to the real test take a pre-fitness test  with your buddy. It will let you
know if there are any areas to work on and increase your confidence for the real test.

Stay off the Supplements or Energy Drinks: If red bulls or energy drinks are not part of your normal
routine, don’t start on the day of your test. Your body is not accustom to the sugar/caffeine shock it will
probably make you stick and reduce performance.